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Sway Control

sway control hitch

Trailer Sway Control

My first experience with a trailer was when my family went to the King Dome in Seattle, Washington to check out the pop-up campers at their big RV show. Now, in 1976, RVing was just getting out of its infancy. Those pop-ups were essentially tents on wheels. And my father, a Chief in the U.S. Navy, didn't have the income to buy one of those fancy trailers that didn't require a crank handle (nor the Winnebego helipcopter...I still remember that bad boy!).

Do you enjoy towing?

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Note that I did not ask you if you enjoyed camping. Heck, that's easy. A couple of days under the awning with nothing to mow, repair, or paint? What's not to love?

Weight Distribution Hitch Selection

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Weight Distribution Hitches or Sway Control

Weight distribution hitches are a popular topic among the travel trailer community. But there's a bit of confusion out there about the difference between weight distribution and sway control. Let's clarify this issue first.

Weight distribution hithces only transfer the tongue weight of the trailer from the rear of the tow vehicle to the front. They do not control trailer sway.

Sway control hitches control the side to side movement in the trailer. Most sway control hitches come with weight distribution as part of the package and most, with the exception of the Hensley Arrow and PullRite, rely on the weigth distribution aspect of the hitch to aid in controlling sway.

Shown is a typical weight distribution hitch without sway control.

Towing Mayhem


I love the Allstate Mayhem Guy. If you haven't seen those TV commercials, they do a great job of presenting (in a human form) the types of unknown disaster that awaits the average driver. Here's one of them.

Weight Distribution Bars

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At the risk of boring you to do housework, I must breech the subject of weight distribution bars. For those with a keen eye (or too much spare time), there are three basic type of weight distribution bar, sometimes called spring bars.

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